Full stock theme. Use one to roll back all changes you made to default skin.



Following changes would be applied: stock

Compatible car models: Mazda 2/3/6/CX-5 after 2013
Verified on firmware versions: v56.00.230 EU (Mazda6 GJ 2016)
Should be compatible with all 56.00.* and early 59.00.* versions
WARNING! Firmware since v59.00.502 and probably later are NOT compatible!

If you are not sure about your model or firmware version, please study how to check it! A lot of information could be found here Mazda3Revolution Forum or google another site

All installation from this site are 100% safe if you'll follow the instructions! They consists of only .png and .css files, no alien code. Even if something will go wrong, you can always rollback with automatically created backup.

Installation instructions:

  1. Extract .ZIP to the root of a blank FAT32 flash drive

A lot of themes contains more than 1 background. Image files are located at folder
/update/jci/gui/common/images/ so you can simply rename background1.png to background.png to change default style version.

  1. Unplug any other USB or SD from the car except this drive
  2. Turn on your car
  3. When MZD has finished booting, plug the USB stick and wait for the prompt (could be 30-60 sec)
  4. Choose INSTALL option to install this theme. Or RESTORE option if you want to roll back to theme, was installed before. It will work if theme was previously installed and /backup folder is not empty!
  5. Wait for reboot or do it manually by holding down BACK+MUTE+NAV for a few seconds
  6. While MZD is rebooting, unplug the USB stick
  7. Now /backup folder contains full jci backup!

It's highly recommended to store the /backup folder somewhere if you plan to re-use that USB drive.

FULL /jci/gui/* (optional: /jci/resources/*) backup would be created before the installation.

How to un-Install:

  1. Regular way: read Installation Instructions above, on step 5 you will find an answer
  2. Simple way: install StockTheme for full-stock interface
  3. Advanced way: manually roll back changes using the information stored in /backup folder. For instance, commands below will copy back stock icons and glow after you will log in with SSH, but think twice before choosing this way:
    mount -o rw,remount /
    cp -R /mnt/sd*/backup/jci/gui/apps/system/controls/MainMenu /jci/gui/apps/system/controls/MainMenu

Enjoy new look & feel!